Building An Image In Social Media, One Yam At A Time

I try to be as tall as Miss Destructo

I try to be as tall as Miss Destructo

People often ask me why they would want to be on The Twitters, or The Facebook, or involved in The Blogging.  (To be fair, they also often ask me to hush up and move out of the way, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.)  My answer, oftentimes, is that it’s a great way to build a personal brand.

I point to people like Chris Brogan, James Chartrand, Naomi Dunford, Scott Stratten — all of whom have developed great businesses based on being open and entertaining with their audience on one or more social media platforms.

But my favorite example is always Amber Osborne, aka Miss Destructo.  She’s the blue-haired dynamo who is the voice behind @brucesyams — my favorite canned spud — and the “destroyer of social media boredom”. She blogs from Tampa, Florida — the location of Destructo HQ — and was recently named the Best Twitter Personality in Tampa.

She’s managed to build a high-profile image online over a couple years of blogging, tweeting, and generally being helpful and interesting to folks in the social media world. Now that work is paying off – she recently was a headliner at Social Story in Greenville, SC.  Here’s a short video interview with her by Phil Yanov of the GSA Technology Council.

So — what are you doing to build your brand online? If you’re spending all your time on Twitter offering coupons, or telling us what you ate for lunch, or blogging about that amazing discount your hairdresser has going on — think again!


  1. Sean Buvala says

    Nicely done. I think discussing Miss D’s work with the yams was a very fine addition to Social Story. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  2. David Glow says

    Thank you for sharing this info. Have a client looking for a SoMe pro in Clearwater- right in Miss Destructo’s backyard.

    Although not a broccoli vendor, I am sure something great will come of introducing my client to Miss D.