No offense intended, but some probably taken

Hello!  Just moved my blogging activity over here from my old site, and to comply with the FDA’s truth in packaging regulations I am obligated to tell you that:

  • I work for a large software company, as a very small cog
  • I am often called sarcastic, aggressive, annoying — and worse — even by friends
  • Opinions expressed are mine alone, but shared by all thinking people worldwide
  • I’ve been involved in learning, content development and business management for a long time — and if you’re under 25 I’ll probably remind you of your dad
  • I’m usually right, and my projects always amaze customers and exceed expectations

Stay tuned.


  1. Esther says


    Love this site! Bravo!

    I am coming to the code camp tomorrow in Redmond but – darn it – will miss your session – TOO early in the morning .

    Keep slogging, dude.